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Massage Oil

Who doesn’t appreciate a good massage? We love them mostly for relaxation, but it also provides many other benefits of such as increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and improve sleep. This is why we had to come up with a pure and natural blend of oils that provides a luxurious and relaxing feeling. Perfect for massage, but also ideal to sooth and moisturize dry skin.

Our combination of sweet almond, apricot and camellia oil will nourish your skin and fight the effects of aging. Bergamot and lavender essential oils provide a subtle fragrance that is pleasant to apply.

Plastic & Our Oceans

Very sadly, ten million tonnes of litter end up in the oceans every year – that is a truckload a minute. Every single piece of plastic takes centuries to decompose…  Simple changes can be done to help our planet and oceans. For example, you can replace your regular shampoo that comes in a plastic bottle by using shampoo bars.

In addition to being ecological, our handmade mint shampoo bar provides anti-hair loss and anti-inflammatory care to relieve certain irritations of the scalp. Thanks to rhassoul (a natural Moroccan clay), it gives strength, softens and makes the hair shine.

Sacha Inchi – Huile beauté biologique

L’huile de graine de Sacha Inchi est Idéale pour prévenir les rides et pour la peau mature. Elle procure hydratation et l’élasticité grâce à son exceptionnelle richesse en acides gras insaturés. Avec cette huile, la peau parait visiblement rafraichie, souple et vitalisée.

Vous partez en camping ?

Vous partez en camping ou au chalet?

Notre barre shampoing à la menthe est naturelle et écologique. Elle nettoie en profondeur et revitalise les cheveux en apportant force et brillance.

Efficace et compacte, elle peut aussi être utilisée pour le corps.

Visitez notre site web pour connaitre nos points de vente puisqu’elle est seulement disponible en boutique. www.purelements.ca


Abyssinian Seed Oil

Did you know that Abyssinian Seed Oil is the perfect detangler?
Indeed it is!
It is excellent for the manageability, shine, and hydration of the driest and most frizzy hair. Versatile, it’s a great skin oil that will be absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving very little oily feeling.

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